How will your ride light up the night?

Bill Chinberg wrote:
"Thanks for your help, I am part of a few clubs here in hawaii and a few
other forums on mustang websites. I was wondering if you would mind if I
posted pics and I guess did a little advertising for you guys? Anyways
thanks for your help."

Cameron Gorman wrote:
im tellin everyone about yall and yall should have some more orders coming from oklahoma and im also tellin people in dodgetruckworld about yall and there is like 4 or 5 people really interseted. its a good way to get your truck to stand apart from everyone elses. i was wondering do yall have any bigger stickers or something with yall name on it i would love to put it on my truck.

Benny Alongi wrote:
My name is Benny Alongi.  I just purchased a flame kit from www.eatmyflames.com and would like to say it`s a great product and the service department worked side by side with me all the way through any problems that I had questions with. I would`nt hesitate to give endorsement of this product or the company`s professional attitude they kept at all times.

Jeff, was the # 1 one reason that I will be purchasing another one for my other vehicles, and referring his company to others. Thanks Again for a fine product. And Jeff thanks for all your help "A Very Satisfied Customer"

Kevin Steen wrote:
"flame throwers are working great now,,and THANK YOU VERY MUCH,for getting back too me so quick,i will recomend you guys to every street rodder i know,also i build cars with a buddy at the body shop,,we'll sure use your product,thanks again, kevin

Chad Brege wrote:
"everything works and is okay with them. I am entered in a flame-throwing
contest in the biggest car show in Northern Michigan this weekend"
As you can see he won first place!!! GOOD JOB - CHAD!!!!!

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